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The White Cube is a feature film project for a black and white drama. The movie shows the two last weeks of Anna in Berlin before she goes to live to the furthest destination possible, New Zealand, a trip she planned after she broke up with her boyfriend. As the last days before her departure are approaching, she has a hard time accepting it and starts visiting some apartments in order to stay. But everything around her seems to remind her why she wanted to leave, her departure is getting closer and all her entourage seems prepared for her future absence.

It's a film about the feeling of melancholy, also focusing on the themes of travelling and the youth in Berlin today, as the city is always the center of so many arrivals and departures from all over the world.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus-lockdown happened in the middle of shooting this film, and the shooting could not be finished due to the loss of locations, team members and many production problems. The "White Cube" is an unfinished project, that I hope to re-write and direct one day. Until then, some of the footage we shot was edited roughly and is available for you to see on this website.

The process of starting the production of a feature film taught me a lot about filmmaking, directing, producing, and as the idea was to shoot it with a very small budget on my own reflex camera, it was a challenge to find what makes the essence of cinema.

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The "White Cube" refers to the empty rooms that I am constantly visiting in Berlin. When the rooms don't have an owner yet, when they don't have an identity yet, they look like big white cubes.


And the first thing I do when confronted to the emptiness of the big white cube : I fill it with my own mind, the blank space becomes the canvas of my imagination, the mirror of my thoughts. Because the mind is exactly like space itself, in constant expansion.


In the film project, this empty spaces Anna will be visiting throughout the story will be a mirror of her mind, never really empty, always containing a little problem, until her own room that was filled with life, posters, pictures and time passed by becomes its own blank space itself. 

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