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‘ESENCIA’ is a hybrid movie project that was born out of Skatecencia’s creative community in Berlin. This movie could not exist if it wasn’t for the space of exchange, freedom, expression and experimentation that Skatecensia offers.


In this space that blurs the lines between a fun session and skate lessons, between who is learning and who is teaching, my first wish as a filmmaker capturing our adventure together was to blur the genres. Documentary, fiction, skate video… they all coexist together in one single project.

This film was made in collaboration with our community; I wanted to represent the people who make up this beautiful community the most . The two short films used in ‘ESENCIA’ were done by the participants of one of our filmmaking workshops. As skateboarders, our purpose and most natural form of expression being our tricks, I also wanted to have all of us together in a skate video. 


The question “what is Skatesencia?” can only be answered by following its constant movement. After all, it is the essence of skateboarding, and I hope it will continue breaking more barriers.

The movie premiered at the VLADIMIR film festival in Croatia and was shown in various European events in 2023 before being posted online on Dolores Magazine.

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