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Skatesencia is a skate academy that started in Chile in 2019. Lucia Soltmann imported the concept of the academy to Berlin with the help of Osvaldo Palma and Gonzalo Rammsy in 2020. I am involved in the photos and videos of the skate classes and events that take place weekly. 

We started a "Tricks and Tips" video section with various skaters from Berlin in order to provide funny and motivating trick tips for beginners, always with the intention of introducing people to the whole skate culture and community instead of only teaching tricks.

After a visit of the chilean crew to Berlin in summer 2021, more projects focusing on an international partnership between Chile and Germany are coming. We filmed a short documentary to show the values of the academy that is available below.

Being a part of the growth of Skatesencia, who is a non-profit organisation, is very important to me because skateboarding was a door to many positive experiences in my life, that brought me into filmmaking, self-expression and inspired me throughout my life. I hope to be able to transmit this passion.

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