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SCHOKOKUCHEN Boromir Bogumil

Emmental is a compilation of 3 short scenes that I wrote and directed in 2018.

The scenes are unique, completely disconnected in time and space, and yet similar: the central point is the interaction about food and its consumption.


The whole film pictures realistic representations of what could be any persons every-day life.Every scene has a similar tone : characters that are a part of our society, but that are represented away from it, in their own bubble. The moments created are suspended in time : only the before and the after matter for the characters, so the film is floating in an undramatic atmosphere of present time.

The plot of the film is created by the echo of each scene on the next one. The point is to bring the viewer to focus on the similarities that stand out in the middle of the differences. The main idea is to awake our imagination, to leave silence that our minds can fill with our own thoughts.

Think about this film like an Emmental cheese, the one full of holes. The holes were created on purpose and are now a huge part of this cheese’s identity. In fact, it is one of the only cheese’s with holes and yet, it is always this one that is portrayed to represent any cheese. Well, this film will have its own taste, but it is important to leave holes, visual silence, that will let everyone bring his own imagination into it.

Emmental Boromir Bogumil
SCHOKOKUCHEN Boromir Bogumil
emmental couple
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