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TOM ET LE MONDE Movie Poster

Tom et le Monde (translates into Tom and the World) is a 45 minutes long documentary filmed in 2017/18 during a trip from Germany to New Zealand with my high school friend Tom. 

The film is following Tom as he is hitchhiking through Poland, Latvia, Russia, Mongolia, South-Korea, Japan, Thailand, Laos, and New-Zealand, immersing himself into the countries rural zones and their (culinary) culture. The trip is filmed in a very immersive way to show the way people live around the world without any filters. 

Tom soon discovers that one persons routine can be another persons adventure, and that the whole world is as tough, brutal, cold and cruel as full of magic people, colors, tastes and nature to explore.


The full documentary premiered at the What a Trip film festival in Montpellier, France. It was also showed at the Festival du Roc-Castel in Le Caylar, France. Other festivals were planned but cancelled due to the coronavirus spread.

Tom in Littuania
Tom crossing a river, Siberia
Cooking on a train station during the Transsiberian
siberia bathing men
Tom on a summit in Siberia
Getting a haircut, Mongolia
Nomad lifestyle, Mongolia
Taking care of the goats in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Siberia Arshan
Working days in the Gobi desert, Mongolia
Sunrise in Mongolia
Goat Mongolia
Riding wild horses in Mongolia
cookies mongolia
Camouflage in South-Korea
Sharing South-Korea
Crab restaurant in South-Korea
Japan red
Seoraksan, South-Korea
Crafting rope elder japan
Laos Mountains
Tom New Zealand
Breakfast laos Paksé
Southern Laos
Hitchhiking laos
mount cook New Zealand Tom
river new zealand
Kea shoe new zealand
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