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TOM ET LE MONDE Movie Poster

Tom et le Monde (Tom and the World) is a 45 minutes long documentary filmed in 2017/18 during a trip from Germany to New Zealand with my high school friend Tom. 

The film is following Tom as he is hitchhiking through Poland, Latvia, Russia, Mongolia, South-Korea, Japan, Thailand, Laos, and New-Zealand, immersing himself into the countries rural zones and their (culinary) culture. The trip is filmed in a very immersive way to show the way people live around the world without any filters. 

Tom soon discovers that one persons routine can be another persons adventure, and the relationship a traveler has with the territory shapes a different identity than for those who really inhabit the places.


The full documentary premiered at the What a Trip film festival in Montpellier, France. It was also showed at the Festival du Roc-Castel in Le Caylar, France. Other festivals were planned but cancelled due to the coronavirus spread.

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